We are
Justice Esports

JUSTICE was founded as the first official Student Esports Association in Sweden here in Jönköping, the city of DreamHack. We may be an esports association but are also a community for gamers no matter how good you are. 

Jönköping University

We are university students of course but we receive a lot of support from the student union and the university. There will be new programs starting at the school to attract high level esports players that can make our teams stand out. Jönköping is the ‘City of DreamHack’ and collaborations will continue to grow.

The Teams

2022 is a fresh start for JUSTICE and we now have a space to practice and build new teams. We have teams in LoL, CS:GO and Valorant and are always looking for new players and new teams. We welcome players of every esport and every game. So if you have an idea for a team or want to join one just talk to us. Our teams get to attend and compete at DreamHack for free.


We host our own LAN event ‘Corehack’ annually but this year we will be hosting a lot of smaller events at the Jönköping Esports Center next door to the uni in Science Park. If you want to host an event or plan a bootcamp we will be happy to support you. We share the space with Phoenix Blue and work with Esport United so there are lots of great opportunities to build something great here. 

Esport Research Network

The world’s biggest network of researchers that work with the esports industry was founded by the MMTC research group at JIBS. One of the professors is the Vice Chair and this year will be hosting an international conference on sustainable esports that brings industry partners such as ESL, DreamHack and Riot together with researchers from all over the world. Through these connections there will always be opportunities for JUSTICE members to develop connections with the esports industry.