Join us for the biggest lan on campus!


About Corehack

JUSTICE is once again hosting Corehack, the biggest event of our association!

In case you didn’t know, Corehack is a biannual event that lasts for three
days non-stop! It’s the biggest LAN party of Jönköping University organized by

By purchasing a ticket you will be able to acquire a seat where to place your
setup! Most of the time we also host alternative entertainement announced on or facebook for people without a setup or enough time to join for the whole ordeal.

IMPORTANT: Members should still “buy” the free version of the ticket if you intend to bring your setup, this makes sure we know how many people we need to accommodate for.

Time and location

Location: Campus Arena.

Time: 18:00 the 27th of March until 12:00 the 29th of March


Many tournaments will be hosted and everyone can participate. The participants will be
divided in teams and compete against each other in games such as CS:GO, League of
Legends, Rocket League and so on! Every tournament comes with a special individual
prize for the winners!

Other entertainment

Not a fan of LAN parties? Worry not, we got you covered! Thanks to our recent
partnerships, there will be plentiful of other activities, like an arcade zone dedicated
to console games, a chill zone where you can watch series with your friends and atleast one
Virtual Reality set to try out!

Food and snacks

A kiosk will be open throughout the whole weekend, in case you get hungry or thirsty!
We’ll also plan pizza trips for dinner! If you have trouble getting your setup to Campus
don’t worry, we got that covered too! We will provide pick up service to take you and
your setup to Campus! Simply purchase Computer Transport on our website( before the 6th of
November, this to ensure we can plan the trips in time!


Q: I can’t get my setup from my home to campus, can you help with that?
A: Yes! Just make sure to buy the transport ticket on our website before the 5th of october and we will make sure to help you pick it up.

Q: I don’t have a computer here in Jönköping, do you have extras?
A: Corehack is approaching and we offer 8 FULL GAMING SETUPS (PC, keyboard, mouse, monitor, headset) for those of you who don’t have or can’t bring their own. The price of the full setup is 200kr that you can pay via SWISH or with bank card on the actual event. To apply for it, send an e-mail to



Tickets and Pickup

Tickets and Pickup