Do you want to be a part of the first Swedish E-sports association for students?


Are you an old member who would like to stay in JUSTICE even after graduation?


A membership in JUSTICE means that you get to take part in our community of gamers at Jönköpings University where there’s a big variety of what games are played so there’s always a chance to find people with the same interest.

If you want to take part in our association just contact us here or on our facebook page.


As of 2018 the board has decided to introduce a veteran program to better establish the community of JUSTICE by allowing old members to stay and take advantage of many of our events and resources. To join the program you donate 100sek, this both supports JUSTICE and allows you to become a veteran when you graduate.

NOTE: This does not allow people from other schools or non-students to join, you would still have had to be a Jönköping University student and part of JUSTICE during your studies to participate. Also note this is different from being an honorary member.